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Privacy Policy concerning SCUOLA ITALIANA SCI LAVARONE provided pursuant to art. 13 13
of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) 196/2003.


Dear Costumer, the “European Regulation number 2016/679
regarding handling of personal data and personal data protection, as well as free movement of such data”,
foresees the protection of people and other subjects regarding handling of personal data.

The SCUOLA ITALIANA SCI LAVARONE as “Owner” of the Privacy Policy, or consent to the use of personal data, according to Art. 13 of UE Regulation 2016/679, would like to explain the aims and procedures of collecting and handling
personal data. In particular, we would like you to have some information:

1. Owner’s identity and contacts as owner of the consent to the use of personal data:

SCUOLA ITALIANA SCI LAVARONE – legal address in Frazione Bertoldi, 73/b – 38046 LAVARONE,  represented pro tempore by BERTOLDI PAOLO.


It is possible to contact the owner at the following contact details:

E-mail address:

P.E.C. address:

Phone number: +39 0464 783086


2. Aim of the Policy and legal basis: 

the purpose of the procedure of collecting and handling personal data are the following:

– Contact for the purpose of a clear execution and management of the contract;

– Management of any controversy;

– Direct marketing and distribution of newsletters;

– Distribution (as indicated at the point c) of the present circular)

a) Fulfilment of the obligations subject the Owner of the Policy (art. 13 co. 11. c) GDPR)
and execution of a contract in which the party is concerned or pre-contractual
measures adopted at the request of the subject (art. 6 co. 11. b) GDPR).

Your personal data shall be used only for the purpose of fulfilment of the contract obligations
concerning technical assistance, teaching and support of the physical activity, in this instance skiing.
b) Handling of certain categories of data (art. 9 co. 2lett. a) GDPR).

The handling of certain categories of data (such as data about injury,
or information about allergies or food intolerances etc) is subject to the express and specific consent
of the person concerned, provided at the bottom of this same circular The granting of those data
is mandatory. Therefore the failure of providing those data can result
in an early termination of the contract.

c) Consent to the distribution (art.9 co. 2lett. a) GDPR).

Furthermore, following express and optional consent of the person concerned, provided at the bottom of this same circular,
within the framework of the fruition of the service, the Owner can collect and post
photos and videos portraying the Subject and/or the Minor, during the lessons and
overall during outdoors activities, for informative purpose and advertising of the activities carried out
by the Owner of the Policy. The distribution of materials such as photos/videos will concern web sites, social media
and social networks, such as, but not only, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. The consent
and the collecting of those data is completely free
and as such the subjects forego any remuneration it may come
from the use of the data. The consent for the collecting and handling of photos/videos for advertising purpose
is fully optional and an eventual rejection will not be of any impact
regarding the possibility of fruition of the structures and services provided by the Owner.

3. Processing methods:

Processing takes place manually,
electronically and online, it will be closely linked to the main purpose of the collecting and
always ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the data in accordance of the regulation mentioned above.
Is therefore excluded the existence of automated precesses, including cd. profiling.


4. Disclosure to third parties:

The Owner can communicate your personal data to the following third parties: •
Insurance and legal institutions; • Professional assistance and support Studio and Societies;
• Computer maintenance service. Such entities will handle the data
as temporary manager of the Policy on behalf of the Owner. You can ask for a list of the temporary manager of the Policy
through the Owner’s contacts, indicated in point 1. The data will not be distributed,
unless optional an explicit consent is given
as per point. 2 left. c) of this circular.

5. Personal data retention period:

Your data will be processed and handled for the same purpose as above, more specifically
administration and management of any controversy, for a period of time not exceeding the
fulfilment of contract obligation (“principle of limitation of conservation”,
art.5, Reg. UE 2016/679) or based on legally established time-frame. The monitoring
of the data obsolescence is undertaken

6. Data transfer to non UE countries:

The data collected will not be transferred to non European countries.

7. Rights of data subjects:

You may exercise your rights as per art. 15 and following Reg. UE
2016/679: You may request access to personal data concerning you, its correction or cancellation
or you may request limitation of processing and withdrawal of consent. a) As per Reg. (UE)
2016/679 you have the right to request the Owner access to your data,
its correction or cancellation. Within 30 days of the date of the submission of the request you will receive
a written feedback, including by electronic means. b) You have the right to request limitation of processing and may object to the processing of data,
for legitimate reasons and cases covered by Art. 18 and 21, Reg.
UE 2016/679. c) You may exercise your right to withdraw the consent given
for the purpose described in this circular d) You can exercise the right to data portability,
requesting the Owner to forward the same to another owner/person. You can exercise the rights above-mentioned
through the Owner’s contacts,
indicated in point 1. You have the right to make a complaint to the Protection Authority. a) You can also submit a complaint to the protection Authority,
if you consider the handling of your data inappropriate or illegal,
in contrast to legislative requirement on the topic.



Fraz. Bertoldi, 73/b – 38046 LAVARONE   tel. +39 0464 783086